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My understanding

There it was again, that time I cut the sound insulation among screwdrivers, basin mixers and brush cutters – skew rather than straight. During my apprenticeship in the hardware store it was soon clear to everyone that I didn’t have a clue about drills or the handyman’s world in general. But I was very good at selling the stuff.

I drove the fork-lift truck homicidally, delivered the trimmer to the man without a coil, confused roses with carnations and sold the customers the wrong sink traps – to the best of my knowledge and belief. Those 36 months were instructive, and I am grateful to my trainer for his patience.


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It was Gerd Döring who encouraged me from day one, sent us apprentices to professional competitions and turned a blind eye if something got stuck somewhere along the line. A cool guy, always good for a surprise and as a market leader always ablaze for his team. He was also the one who paved the way for me inconspicuously, giving me off days on short notice so that I could pursue my passion of being on the road as a youth reporter for the local newspaper.

We all write stories that we don’t go back to correct. Much of life is unpredictable and if it depended on my father, I would still be clumsily fiddling around on the workbench, wildly gesticulating as a car dealer or spectacularly untalented as an electrician between two electric shocks. That that cup passed me by I owe to many people, but especially to my family.

As I held that commercial training certificate in my hand in the summer of 2001 and the days in the retail trade finally came to an end, I threw out my anchor into the big wide world. I swore to myself never to give up and to do things my way, even if this way was rocky rather than finely paved. As a career changer without a high school diploma I learnt that fighting is always worth it.

He who lives appreciation, lives his life more valuably. I keep on meeting people who compartmentalise their counterparts and demonstrate manners that I can never condone. Blinded by verbiage and flowery phrases, we have nothing to say to each other in conversations consisting of too many words. There is an art to assessing and also influencing others’ and one’s own feelings.

As a communicator I want to act emotionally, transparently and sustainably, set my own priorities, inform people in a comprehensible way without cards hidden up my sleeve, and be able to look my conversation partner in the eye. I advocate relationships characterised by respect, tolerance, appreciation, curiosity and openness.

I regularly welcome young journalists from Berlin and Brandenburg at my place of work, and since May 2015 I have been exchanging ideas with students of the master’s course in Marketing and Communication at the FOM University of Economics and Management in Berlin. I am hungry for interaction with conscious people – unprejudiced and full of curiosity and openness. That is what I stand for. That is my understanding.

Do you have questions, wishes, suggestions or constructive criticism? Write me an email then.