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When I was 11 years old, I founded a green team. When Norway announced to revive their commercial whaling activities in 1992, I together with friends gathered 230 signatures against whaling and proudly sent these to the Norwegian embassy in Bonn. Not much has changes to date, but as we say in German: “Hope dies last”.

In August 1999, exactly during the solar eclipse over Central Europe, I together with other animal-rights activists freed twelve ducks, four geese, two turkeys, four cocks, four hens, one rooster, one dog, five rabbits, and one domestic pig from a neglected property in my home town.


Photo: Frankenpost from 14 August 1999


In October 2000, I overtook the chair of the Youth Organisation of the SPD in the Hof administrative district. At the Bavarian local elections on 3 March 2002, I as an 18-year-old ran as a candidate for the municipal council in Zell im Fichtelgebirge, receiving the fifth-most number of votes of a total of 84 candidates (1,068 valid votes from 1,302 people entitled to vote). I moved from a tenth to a fourth spot on the list.

From 2003 until 2008, I organised the annual Upper Franconian charity event “Stars in der Region” (Stars in the Region) for the benefit of PLAN International. Main acts included Hubert Kah, Bata Ilic, Ray Horton, the Miro-Nemec-Band, and Manuel Ortega.


July 2014: At the 102nd Hofer Volksfest (Hof Fair), 3,400 participants walk through the streets of the Northern Bavarian city, until 20 boeller gun shooters fire a salute.


On 24 November 2006, Zell im Fichtelgebirge on my initiative applied for a formal name completion procedure, 683 years after the congregation was first mentioned in an official document. This initiated the first such procedure in the last 25 years in the Hof administrative district. It took effect after the decision of the Hof district administration on 15 July 2007.

Since March 2014, I am active as an elected advisor in the Advisory Board of the Association of Berlin Spokespersons, which represents 250 speakers in the Berlin Metropolitan Region. In October 2014, Musikmarkt (music market) magazine portrayed my path to PR.


March 2017: Election of the State Committee of Berlin-Brandenburg of the German PR Society (DPRG).


In January 2015, I discussed the documented non-invitation of ambassadors from countries, in which people are prosecuted and criminalized by the state due to their sexual orientation, with Michael Roth (Minister of State for Europe), Selmin Çaliskan (General Secretary, Amnesty International), Boris Dittrich (Human Rights Watch), and Martin Reichert (taz) at the Federal Foreign Office.

As a guest speaker since May 2015, I regularly exchange thoughts on communication with students of the Master’s programme Marketing and Communication at the FOM University of Economy and Management in Berlin.

I was elected to be Berlin-Brandenburg’s Deputy State Chairman of the German PR Society (DPRG) with 96.55 per cent of the votes in March 2017, additionally appointed to the central committee. The professional association, founded in 1956, represents the interests of around 2,500 members who are responsible for the communication in associations, companies, and agencies.


Photo: Pedro Becerra


In September 2017, I promoted the initiative “Respect each other” – striving towards respectful social togetherness – with peace activist Seyran Ateş, initiator and co-founder of the liberal Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque.