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My name is André Puchta. I am a communicator and networker as well as Public Relations expert. My professional heart beats for the health and the Sana Clinics Berlin-Brandenburg. Welcome to my digital feel-good pages!


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Born in Upper Franconia, I am a Bavarian, a Southern German who chose to become a Berliner, a European, inhabitant of this planet, left-handed, and lateral-thinking, someone who faces reality with ears and eyes open, connecting A with B, encountering C and then D, fiddling with new projects, and making strategic partnerships. I am keen on exchanges with vivacious counterparts.

I love taking walks along the Spree river and through the diverse metropolis, traveling to Spain, Tunisia, and the Mediterranean, books by Sebastian Fitzek and Frank Schätzing, music by Nathalie Cole, Nathan Sykes, Ed Sheeran, Alexa Feser, Rick Astley, and James Morrison, series such as Mad Men, Homeland, 24, Breaking Bad, The Americans, The Blacklist, The Crown, Fargo, Designated Survivor, Narcos, Travelers, Sense8, Bates Motel, Berlin Station, and House of Card, Berlin’s culture and party scene, as well as trips to the Upper Franconian native lands.


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As a passionate advocate for a diverse and liberal society, I represented from 2013 to 2019 the Friedrichstadt-Palast as the stage for freedom, diversity, and acceptance in the German capital. Accompany me on my diverting trip through the German and international communication and media industry on my blog.

As a volunteer, I am the Deputy State Chairman Berlin-Brandenburg of the German PR Society, in the Main Committee of the Association of Communication Professionals, and in the Advisory Board of the Association of Berlin Press Spokespersons. In am additionally a regular guest speaker for students of the Master’s course in Marketing and Communication at the FOM University of Economics and Management in Berlin.


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As a communicator, I aim to motivate emotionally, transparently, and sustainably, setting my own accents, informing clearly without marked cards, interacting with my conversation partner at eye level. I stand for respect, tolerance, appreciation, as well as a cooperation characterised by curiosity and candour. That is my understanding of communication!